The Five Pillars of Fatherhood


What Should a Father Bring to the Table

There are so many blogs, books, etc. that focus on the importance of mothers within a family.  Having said that, the other half of what makes up parenthood is just as important and critical as us moms. Let me take you through a list of five fatherhood attributes:

1.  The Protector:  Fathers are very protective over their families.  So much that it usually can be pretty annoying for his children.  Fathers naturally have something in them making sure their family and children are safe, secure and protected.  Some things fathers protect their children from they will never even see.  He is the first one to see it.  It all comes at him first.

2.  The man of the house:  A father provides more than just income.  He gives wisdom, council, togetherness, and perspective.  A father adds to your life.  A child’s life should be fuller because his father is in it.  God made man in his image, and therefore gave him authority over his household.

3.  The Father is a promoter or advocate:  A father promotes someone other than himself.  A father uses the gifts God gave him to make his family look good.  A father can pray for his kids better than anyone else.  A husband can pray for his wife better than anyone else can.

4.  The Priest over his own house:  Men may not pray as women do, but know that he does pray constantly when he’s alone with God.  Fathers should have a prayer life.  A father sets the spiritual climate in the home.  A father sacrifices his life for his family.

5.  The Prophet:  A Father speaks life over his children.  He tells them what they can be and what they can become.  He talks to their destiny, not their issues.  A father cheers on his children and shows them they are a winner.

The value of your Fatherhood

Most people don’t realize a fathers worth until they are gone.  I was always a daddy’s girl, and we always knew that if he was silent, he was mad.

People think I’m mad, but this is my natural face.

Fathers, please be encouraged.  You are valued, you stand up for your children.  You instill character in your children.  You taught us to ride our bikes without training wheels.  You showed us how to throw a ball.  You empower us to grow and to be confident.

One day you when you are gone, know that you will leave a legacy that will be carried on for generations to come.  I hope there will be stories of wisdom and laughter in remembrance of who you once were.

Don’t forget to tell your dad how much you love him and that he is appreciated.

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  1. Carol berglund
    February 7, 2019 at 3:05 am

    You are so right to acknowledge dads. They quietly provide, protect & guide the family. Ultimately the life of the family is on the dad’s shoulders.
    I was a single mom for many years . I tried to be the mom & the dad but the fact is I fell short. My daughter needed the protection & guidance from a father who loved her & my son needing the wisdom & strength of a dad that could make him into a responsible young man.

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