Thick hair problems and solutions: Here are 10 tips


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Thick hair has always been a daily struggle.  I have lived in a top knot bun for most of my life, and now as a mom, it’s every day.  My 10-year-old calls it a mom bun.  Don’t think we thick-haired women have it easy because we always have a perfect looking doughnut bun.  We still want what we don’t have.  Wouldn’t you love to have thinner hair that air drys like a breeze?  I know I would love that! Safe to say I have enough hair for three people. I am not exaggerating.

Ten common thick hair problems & solutions

1. Problem: No matter how much conditioner you use, you still got tangles.  You fill your palm with conditioner, and then you run out much faster than if you were to use the suggested quarter dollop.

Solution: Choosing a highly concentrated conditioner where you only need a dollop. Also add a deep treatment mask once a week,  It’s not the size of the bottle that matters, the more potent, the less you need.  A great conditioner that I recommend is:

2. Problem: Brushing is a big no-no; it doesn’t have to be.  Because brushing thick hair causes a poof so big you wouldn’t dare to leave your hair down.

Solution: I dampen my hairbrush a little bit, not sopping wet.  Then spray a little bit of hair spray on the brush and start underneath.  Then work your way up.


3. Problem: Unless used on our hair by a professional, round brushes have been boycotted ever since we got one stuck in our hair in jr high.  The scariest flashback for me was when I had to cut a round brush out myself.  There is hope!

Solution: Take smaller sections; the hair section should never be larger than the brush.  Also apply serum from midsection to ends, never at the roots.  It will make the brush go through your hair more smoothly.  I prefer this Oribe Smooth Style Serum.


4. Problem: Your hair never thoroughly dries.  I washed my hair yesterday at 4:30 pm and let it air dry, and it is now 8:00 am the next day, my hair is still damp in some areas.  I also put it up in a wet bun, so that doesn’t help it dry any quicker.

Solution: Wash your hair thirty minutes before you go to bed, let it air dry overnight.  In the morning you can get a blow out effect by using a half barrel curling iron.  Split your hair into 12 to 14 sections.  Curl each section quickly to the ends.  It will make it look like you just had a blowout.  You won’t have the same volume, but you will look well polished.  With a lot less time!  I recommend this curling iron in the 1.5-inch size.

5. Problem: Your bed head is terrifyingly huge.  It looks like a tornado hit your bed.

Solution: THE TOP KNOT.  I live in a top knot.  Remember mom bun? Flip your head upside down tie into a ponytail and twist into a coil.  Here are some tips with tutorials.

6. Problem: There’s no elastic heavy duty enough to hold your hair.  Regular elastics are not going to keep your hair if you have thick hair problems.

Solution: There is this new God sent hair accessory called Pony O.  Look at the before and after of this sad ponytail than an awesome high perky ponytail.


7. Problem: Your hair has no bounce because it’s too heavy.  If you have thick hair and no layers this will be an annoying issue.

Solution: Ask your hairstylist to give you a layered mid-length cut.  It will provide your roots with a lighter feel, and your hair will have more movement. Don’t over layer your hair.

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8. Problem: Humidity makes your hair HUGEier.  Especially during the summer months when it starts warming up.  Yay for summer! But not for your Ginormous hair.

Solution: A good Keratin product, it fills the hair cuticle and defrizzes.  You should try this super hydrating keratin spray for year round use.  Very helpful in the summer months when we want to wash and go.

9. Problem: No comb or brush can get through your tangles.  Thick hair also means knots and dreadlock-like hair.  Brushing takes so much more time when you have thick hair problems.

Solution: You will never use a comb again after using the Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush.  It has flexible bristles that won’t pull out your hair.

10. Problem: Blowouts take a million hours.  Your arms get more of a workout attempting this extreme task of giving yourself a blowout.  So you consider a blo and go.

Solution: Dry your hair until it’s about 90 percent dry.  That’s super important for people with really thick hair; otherwise, you’re going to be there for a long time.  When it’s almost dry, then attach the smoothing nozzle to your dryer, making sure it’s always facing down your shaft to smooth it out. Rough-drying does work better for straight- and slightly wavy-haired gals though. If you’re prone to a lot of frizzing or your hair is super curly, rough-drying can open up the cuticle too much. Get the nozzle on a little sooner if that’s the case.

That’s a wrap

I think you’re going to find these tips very helpful and I hope it will make your hair managing days less stressful and quicker.  If you happen to try any of these products or suggestions, please leave a comment in the comments section.  I want to know how these tips have helped you.  Having thick hair does not have to be a nightmare.  We need to know how to take care of it.  So we can wear our hair down.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Psalm 139:14, You need to know that you are blessed with a beautiful full head of hair.  Xoxo

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