Why MillenniJenni?

Are you wondering how I came up with MillenniJenni? 


Let’s Start With The Jenni


Growing up I was always called “Jenni”.  My legal name is Jennifer but while spending most of my life on Maui, I was known as Jenni. 


That was the naive version of me.

When I was 21 years old I got pregnant with my oldest child Amarah. 



A long story short I became a single mother. 

Ten months later my father passed away from stage 4 cancer.

I was a complete and utter mess. 

I made a spontaneous and irrational decision and bought a one-way ticket to Orange County California.

Yes,  just me and little Amarah.

Let’s just say I got off that plane with a blindfold on (Birdbox style).

No plans or idea of what I was doing or what was next, I just knew I had to get as far away from Maui and all the things that reminded me of my dad every day.


Now For The Millenni

Now about the Millenni part, I am a Millennial and a Mom. 

The inner child version of me is Jenni and the Millennial, aka Millenni, version of me is my destiny and who God is shaping me to become.

The whole point of this blog is to inspire other mothers who need encouragement and to know that they are not alone. 

It takes a lifetime to be a good mother. 

We grow just as much as our children grow. 

We have to move on from our pasts and forgive ourselves and never forget that we are new creations in Christ. 

The thing is, we don’t really ever know what we are doing as mothers. We as mothers are not only the glue to our families, but also the salt that adds flavor! 

I asked myself and I also asked God, what do I have to give? What can I give other moms?

All I know is that I can help give insight to you from my own experiences in life as a mother, and the lifestyle my family and I have. 

I can cheer you on and encourage you, along the way in this journey together as Millennial Mothers.